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Nolpase 20 mg

Nolpase 20 mg
Nolpase 20 mg

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The drug contains the drug pantoprazole, which blocks the "pump" producing stomach acid, thereby reducing the amount of acid in the stomach. The drug is used for short-term treatment of reflux symptoms (for example, heartburn, acid regurgitation).

Method of use

Dosage and dosage schedules

The recommended daily dose is 1 tablet 1x per day. It may be necessary to take the tablets for an additional 2-3 consecutive days to improve symptoms. After complete resolution of symptoms, treatment must be discontinued. Relief of the discomfort is not achieved immediately.

And if after 2 weeks of continuous treatment there is no remission of symptoms, a doctor must be consulted. Without consulting a doctor, treatment should not last longer than 4 weeks.

Method of use

The tablets must not be chewed or crushed, they should be swallowed whole before eating and washed down with liquid.


The drug should not be taken during pregnancy because the potential risk in humans is unknown.
The drug should not be taken while breastfeeding.
The drug is not recommended for use in children and adolescents under 18 years of age.
In case of impaired liver function or liver disease, it is necessary to consult a doctor about taking the drug.
The drug is not intended to prevent the development of difficulties associated with reflux.
If unexpected weight loss, anaemia, gastrointestinal bleeding, dysphagia, persistent vomiting or vomiting of blood occurs, malignancy should be excluded.
The drug may decrease the absorption of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin).
With long-term therapy, it may cause a decrease in magnesium levels and an increase in the risk of fractures and cutaneous lupus erythematosus.
The drug may affect scans for neuroendocrine tumors. Treatment should be stopped for at least 5 days before CgA (chromogranin A) measurements are taken.
Patients must consult their physician before taking this medication if they are to undergo an endoscopic examination or undergo a urease breath test.
Adverse reactions such as dizziness and visual disturbances may occur. If they manifest, the patient should not drive vehicles or operate machinery.
Photosensitivity may occur as a side effect (frequency unknown).
The drug contains sorbitol.
Store in original packaging to protect from moisture.
Further special warnings are given in the SPC (section 4.4).

Active ingredients


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