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URGO Warts Cryotherapy preparation 38ml

URGO Warts Cryotherapy preparation 38ml
URGO Warts Cryotherapy preparation 38ml

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Cryotherapeutic preparation for home removal of warts on the feet and hands.

The package contains 1 dispenser with applicator (dispenser content is 38 ml). The preparation allows for 15 safe applications. The transparent end of the applicator allows precise placement on the nipple. The dosing valve releases the required dose of the product. The end of the applicator is pressed against the nipple so that it freezes to the core.

Dosage and method of use

The tip of the applicator is placed directly on the nipple. Make sure that the edges of the applicator fit snugly against the skin. Squeeze the dispenser 3-5 times according to the number of doses needed for the size of the wart. Hold the applicator on the nipple for at least 10 seconds.
A slight sensation of pain or itching may occur after application. In most cases, one treatment is sufficient. If the wart does not disappear within 2 weeks, the treatment can be repeated. Sometimes it helps to moisten the wart with water before treatment to soften it. Do not treat the same wart more than 4 times (wait 2 weeks between treatments). If the treatment does not have the desired result, seek medical advice.

Caution: Use only in adults and children over 4 years of age. For outdoor use only.
The freezing process can lead to the local appearance of white patches on the skin, which gradually disappear. Failure to follow the instructions may result in frostbite, skin damage or scarring. If any other complications occur, seek medical attention. Do not use the product for the treatment of persons with diabetes or blood circulation disorders, if the skin is irritated, if you are not sure that the skin disease is a wart, do not use in areas with delicate skin - face, neck, armpits, breasts, buttocks, do not use for the treatment of genital warts, birthmarks, melanocytic nevi or beauty marks. The preparation is not intended for people who have an allergy to cold. Do not use in combination with other treatments that are used for warts. Consult a doctor during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Extremely flammable substance.

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