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Smecta medicine for diarrhea

Smecta medicine for diarrhea
Smecta medicine for diarrhea

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The drug contains diosmectite. It is used to treat:

  • symptoms of sudden diarrhoea in children aged 2 years and over and in adults in conjunction with the administration of a rehydration solution,
  • symptoms of long-term diarrhea in adults,
  • pain associated with functional bowel diseases in adults.

Method of use

Dosage and dosage schedules

Treatment of acute diarrhea:
Children from 2 years: 2 sachets daily.
Adults: 3 sachets daily.
the dosage can be doubled at the onset of acute diarrhea.

Treatment of other indications
Adults: usually 3 sachets a day.

If the symptoms do not subside within 7 days of treatment (up to 3 days in children), the patient's condition worsens, or blood appears in the stool, it is necessary to seek medical attention.

Method of use

For oral administration. The contents of the bag must be dissolved just before use.

The contents of the sachet must be dissolved just before use in a glass of water (half a glass).
The drug should be given between meals.

Children and infants
The contents of the sachet are dissolved in a glass or baby bottle with 50 ml of water (this content is drunk by the child during the day) or mixed thoroughly into the child's semi-liquid food (such as broth, puree, compote or baby food).


The drug is not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
In children and infants younger than 2 years, the use of the drug should be avoided.
Treatment of acute diarrhea in children aged 2 years and older should be associated with early administration of an oral rehydration solution to prevent dehydration. Chronic use of the drug should be avoided.
Absorption of other drugs may be affected. For this reason, it is not advisable to administer other medications at the same time.
The drug contains 0.007 % ethanol.
The drug contains sucrose and glucose.
Further special warnings are given in the SPC (section 4.4).

Active ingredients


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