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The Littleshoes blog

How to filter shoes by inner shoe length

Our goal is to bring constant innovations to customers and at the same time facilitate shopping and choosing the appropriate shoe size. For this reason, we have expanded our filter to include not only shoe size numbers, but also the exact inner shoe length. So if you know the length of the foot, add extra toe room (range), and enter this number into our filter, the results will be filtered by the entered inner shoe length. And to ensure the highest comfort possible, the size corresponding to the entered length will be indicated in the results.

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Packeta's Return Parcel service

As part of our services, we allow our customers from selected countries (Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Romania) to return unwanted or complained-about goods via Packeta.

How will it all work?

The process of returning, replacing or complaining about goods does not change, but we give you the option of simply and quickly delivering your parcel to us. Pack the parcel at home as usual and do not forget to include any necessary document, e.g. a withdrawal from the purchase contract or a completed complaint form. Bring it to any Packeta branch and provide the attendant with our ID: 99534244. The attendant will then print a label that you stick on the parcel. You will receive a confirmation of sending the parcel from the attendant.

In this way, the parcel is easily and quickly delivered to us.

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How to choose the right indoor shoes for school and kindergarten?

Choosing the right indoor shoes for school causes headaches to many parents. Why are some so expensive? Will the cheaper ones do the job? Are they fastened with Velcro or buckles or are they slip-on? And why do they wear out so quickly? Parents of school-age children deal with this dilemma every year. That's why we decided to shed some light on this issue.

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Choosing footwear with the right amount of extra toe room

Our customers often ask us about the right amount of extra toe room for a given foot length. So, in this article, we will summarise it as the answer is different for each type of shoe. But the final choice is always yours. This article can only give you a little guidance.

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Loyalty Scheme

The Loyalty Scheme calculates the value of the products you have purchased in the past two years (delivery costs or cash-on-delivery fees not included). This amount does not include products that you returned to us for a refund. If you meet the conditions for inclusion in a group of privileged customers, you will be automatically included in it by the system. If you do not meet the conditions, you shop as a regular customer. However, over time you may lose your privileged customer status.

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We deliver to different countries

Delivery of orders

If you wish to have the goods sent to a country that is not on this list, contact us with your request and we will ascertain the delivery options for you.

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