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Kawar Salt from the Dead Sea

Kawar Salt from the Dead Sea
Kawar Salt from the Dead Sea

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One hundred percent natural and pure salt comes from the largest source of mineral wealth in the world - the Dead Sea. The crystals of this salt are completely different from ordinary sea salts. The minerals in the Dead Sea reach a concentration of up to 32%, which is actually a saturated solution. Salt has a soothing and relaxing effect on the whole body, reduces muscle fatigue, has a beneficial effect on rheumatic and joint pains - improves mobility of painful places. It cleanses and revitalizes the skin, removes harmful substances from the skin and helps in eliminating skin problems, acne and psoriasis. Skin cells enriched with minerals have a higher ability to absorb moisture, which makes the skin fresh and supple. There is no need to use soap or shower gel during the bath, the salt removes all dirt and excess fat. After the bath, it is recommended to rinse the body with clean lukewarm water and apply Kawar body lotion. In upper respiratory tract diseases, inhalation of a salty solution is beneficial.

Can be used with Salitair™ Salt Inhaler

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